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Performance Coaching: 1-on-1 w/Matt Bussa

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Looking to leverage the experience of an iRacing pro level veteran to improve your skills across a plethora of different cars? Look no further!
Intended Platform: iRacing.com
Who is Matt Bussa? 
  • 15+ years of iRacing World Championship experience across eNASCAR, GT3, and Rallycross
  • Multi-time eNASCAR race winner, playoff qualifier, and 2018 final four competitor
  • 5+ years of coaching experience
  • iRacing Skip Barber Formula Series race winner and scholarship winner

The typical session agenda consists of the following:

  • The coach will launch a private hosted session and will invite you to a secured voice channel within the Team Conti Sim Performance Discord. Prior to the coaching session, the coach and you will determine which track to work on.


  • You will briefly describe some self-identified general areas of weakness to help the coach better understand where he needs to focus his attention.
  • Utilizing the screen share functionality within Discord, the coach will perform a few demo laps - some at speed to exemplify at-speed inputs and car behavior and some at a reduced speed to point out specific areas of interest (braking markers, lift points, angles of attack, etc.). After the demo laps, the coach will further explain the logic behind how he is attacking the circuit via the iRacing Replay screen, providing a different perspective than when he was actively in the car.
  • Post-demo debrief, you will be instructed to enter the car and begin to make laps. Typically, you will be asked to complete 5-10 installation laps so the coach can observe your driving and garner a baseline to build from over the remainder of the session.
  • After the installation run is complete, the coach and you will review the tire data (to draw connections between what you're feeling behind the wheel, what the coach is observing outside of the car, and what the tire data is showing post-run). After the tire data is reviewed, split times will be looked at and used to determine which part of the track offers the greatest area of opportunity with regards to reducing lap time. After that has been identified, the coach will begin to work with you on that part of the track first. Comparing and contrasting your line, inputs, & corner checkpoint speeds among many other factors, the coach and you will set a gameplan for your next run. You will be tasked with one or two action items to actively work on.
  • Rinse and repeat, this pattern will occur throughout the remainder of the session. Each session is designed so that with every run you complete, you're iteratively working toward alleviating errors in technique. The goal is that by the end of the session, you have a sense of direction. Reducing lap time and increasing comfort are critical, but understanding how to apply the teachings of the session to future races is truly how you continue to improve as a sim-racer.

Coaching available for these cars:

  • Class A (NextGen Cup)
  • Class B (Xfinity)
  • Class C (Truck)
  • Late Model Stock
  • 1987 Cars

Coaching availability is subject to change. If there is an unforeseen situation that makes it necessary for the Coach to reschedule, the customer will receive notice at least 24hrs before the session is scheduled to begin.